Engaging live programming revealed for Movin’On Summit 2021

It is with great pleasure that Movin’On Summit 2021 is announcing a range of new live programming including thought-provoking panels and talks, a new wave of top-tier speakers, the innovation-accelerating Movin’On Startup Booster, and a Global Youth Challenge tackling burning sustainable mobility questions from the younger generation’s perspective.

Movin’On Summit 2021 is four days of inspirational and interactive phygital programming expanded to three continents and broadcast live from TV studios in the innovation-driven cities of Montreal, Paris and Singapore, June 1-4. As the global event on sustainable mobility, Movin’On Summit engages international mobility stakeholders to take tangible collective actions in the pursuit of a safer, more inclusive and more sustainable mobility with reduced environmental impact.

Participants will want to take note that the Movin’On Summit event platform will be open as of May 25 with complete programming available on the platform as of that date (you will be notified in advance by email that the platform is set to open).

In the meantime, you can begin planning your four-day Summit journey by exploring the following exciting new programming…

Another wave of exciting new speakers joins the lineup

Adding their insight and expertise to the already formidable Movin’On Summit 2021 lineup are a number of new world-class international speakers and industry leaders including:

  • Julie Sweet (Chief Executive Office, Accenture) is the trailblazing Chief Executive Officer of global technology consulting and services company Accenture.
  • Shailen P. Bhatt (President and CEO of the Intelligent Transportation Society of America) promotes policies that advance the development and deployment of intelligent transportation technologies throughout the United States.
  • Laurence Batlle (Chairwoman, RATP Dev Executive Board & Executive Board Member, RATP Group) has a proven executive management track record and plays a major role defining strategy and supervising international growth at RATP Dev.
  • Eiichi Taniguchi (Professor Emeritus of Transport and Logistics, Kyoto University) researches city logistics and urban freight transport modelling focusing on stochastic and dynamic vehicle routing and scheduling.

Be sure to check out all the inspiring, multi-industry and multidisciplinary Movin’On Summit speakers so far. And stay tuned: even more will be announced soon.

Inspiring panels and talks dive into 5 key combats

The Movin’On Summit has identified 5 key combats for engaging participants this year, and these pressing priorities provide the framework for the Summit’s programming. The following inspirational panels and talks dive into the critical issues facing the mobility ecosystem today in order to shape a sustainable, secure and inclusive tomorrow.

Getting to 2030 targets — A climate roadmap to net zero

To achieve sustainable development goals, what concrete actions must we undertake? This panel will discuss the road ahead for deploying a committed and achievable plan of action.

Powering towards net-zero — Building a resilient zero-carbon future economy

How do you build and implement a green agenda that reinforces a green economy? Experts dive into the latest tools at our disposal to help heat up the movement to cool down the planet.

Strengthening and accelerating the decarbonization roadmap: business insights from the maritime, rail and aviation industries

This panel will examine the acceleration path for maritime, rail and aviation decarbonization plans, synergies between sectors, next steps, and tangible solutions ready to be deployed.

Investing in the new global sustainable energy map 

The energy map is rapidly changing across the planet and is poised to disrupt markets like never before. What new opportunities will arise for investors and capital markets?

Greening your supply chain — Embedding sustainability at all levels

Experts will discuss the ways business leaders can make their supply chains leaner and greener while ensuring all stakeholders are on the same environmentally friendly page. 

Redefining urban delivery through a sustainable lens

The pandemic pushed the growth of delivery and on-demand services to new heights. This panel will discuss how last-mile delivery will evolve and how to ensure it’s not a setback in the fight against climate change. 

Accelerating infrastructure deployment for sustainable mobility

This discussion delves into what is needed to power new, future-proof transportation solutions, and how greener energies and connectivity will be integrated into infrastructure designs.

Building a resilient global supply chain 

The pandemic has been an unprecedented global supply chain disruptor, and this panel will discuss the impact major disruptions pose to networks and lessons learned.

Accelerating the transition towards a circular and regenerative economy

On the road towards a circular economy, what system-wide changes need adopting to achieve transformation at scale? The regenerative economy awaits, get a glimpse into how to get there.

Rethinking automotive life-cycles

Opportunities for greening vehicle procurement and construction, and deploying circular systems throughout the entire value chain, have never been greater. From rethinking battery life-cycles to 3D printing, this panel will examine new technologies and practices.

Moving beyond conservation — Shifting resource protection mindsets

This conversation will assess the magnitude of environmental degradation accelerated by climate change and share what tools and technologies are available to stop biodiversity loss.

Moving at 5G speed — Leveraging the network for mobility’s next era

The arrival of 5G has the potential to revolutionize mobility as we know it. What unique opportunities and challenges will it present and how can you prepare for them now?

Shifting behaviours — Transportation scenarios for a post-pandemic world

From the rise in remote working to an increase in peri-urban migration, this panel will explore pandemic-induced changes in people’s behaviours and what this means for cities of tomorrow. 

Relaunching the aviation industry Charting a new route ahead

This discussion will offer a glimpse into lessons learned, the greener vision needed and what kinds of actions are required for the aviation sector to safely and sustainably take off once again.

Redefining the public transport user experience

Placing the user experience at its centre, this panel will delve into short-term solutions for reinventing the mass public transport experience to make it more attractive and cost effective. 

Reinventing the automotive experience through cutting edge technology

In the next decade, a new era of the automobile will emerge. Leaders will reveal how major technology and automotive players are rethinking the consumer experience of tomorrow.

The connected city — Reaping more safety and efficiency benefits

This panel will explore how to maximize the technologies powering smart cities, how data can be harnessed to move people and goods most efficiently, and the impact of growing digitization on the environment.

Strengthening mobility networks between peri-urban areas, small towns and cities

A fluid transportation ecosystem that stretches well beyond municipal boundaries is necessary for ensuring the safe and inclusive future of urban and peri-urban growth. Experts connect the dots with different models and best practices.

Radical inclusion: Designing cities for all

This panel will examine the need to prioritize inclusion in urban and peri-urban development to improve the lives of all inhabitants while generating positive economic impact.

Find out more
Please visit the Movin’On website for more detailed information about the panels and talks including participating panelists and speakers as well as dates and times during the Summit.

A Global Youth Challenge tackling burning mobility questions

A recent, eye-opening study led by Movin’On found that young urban dwellers aged 18-34 are keen to change their mobility habits and their lifestyles, and Movin’On is equally keen to help young people be heard and take on an active role in the greater sustainable mobility ecosystem. Enter the Movin’On Global Youth Challenge, created to bring youth together across the world to collaborate on issues that will directly affect them and future generations.

Taking place over 24 hours during the Movin’On Summit, the Global Youth Challenge will gather a diverse range of young people from North America, Europe and Asia around burning mobility questions in order to generate solutions that will potentially lead to concrete actions.

At the end of the Challenge, one individual from each of the three regions will be invited to present their experience and results during a 15-minute programming session on the last day of the Summit, June 4. More details about the Global Youth Challenge, including how to participate, to come soon.

The Startup Booster giving new businesses a lift

Boosting connections. Boosting innovation. Boosting visibility.

New in 2021, the former Movin’On Startup Experience has reinvented itself as the Movin’On Startup Booster to strengthen and offer even more support for promising new sustainable mobility companies. Twelve of today’s most innovative startups were selected by 16 Movin’On partners committed to supporting startups around four avenues of research:

  • Support for energy transitioning towards decarbonization
  • Enhancing safety through connected solutions
  • Optimizing people’s journeys
  • Designing circular approaches for mobility products and services

The 12 companies selected through the Movin’On Startup Booster will get access to quality and personalized support with the objective of maximizing their chances of developing business partnerships in order to truly take action. And Movin’On Summit participants will be among the first to know about new advancements in the mobility community, and what that could mean for their businesses, when the startups present their innovations during the Summit.

Take your place at the future-of-mobility table

Join the conversation regarding burning mobility issues and help create actionable sustainable mobility solutions at Movin’On Summit 2021, June 1-4.

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