MICHELIN DDI – Leveraging data to make mobility safer

Accidents happen. Every day.

Road accidents, in particular, remain a scourge, even in our day and age. In the United States alone, car accidents were up 8% in 2020 despite the pandemic context: around 42,000 people were victims of fatal crash accidents, with recurring trips such as commuting to and from work having a particularly strong impact.

So why is it that in an era where technology is helping humanity to solve some of the most challenging problems—including worldwide pandemics—, we can’t seem to be able to put a curb on road accidents?

Safer mobility requires safer drivers, safer cars, and safer roads.

Data intelligence for safer mobility: the Michelin Group is tackling this issue head-on with MICHELIN Driving Data to Intelligence (DDI), an activity at the heart of the strategic transformation of the world leader in mobility. Its mission: to shape the future of mobility by harnessing the potential of data. The start-up’s developed a unique know-how relying on  continuous analysis of driving behavior, built through millions of trips totalling more than 1,5 billion analyzed kilometers.

Harnessing the potential of driving data to create valuable insights : Accurate behavior analysis begins with precise and high quality data, a one-of-a-kind framework, making of MICHELIN DDI the industry leader in high frequency mobility data and complex driving behavior analysis. MICHELIN DDI capitalizes on the unique data combination from the Michelin Group’s assets (telematics, mobility services, proprietary technology, etc.) as well as its strategic partnerships.. Leveraging advanced contextualization processes and unique behavior analysis algorithms, the start-up delivers valuable data insight covering a variety of use cases, from preventive maintenance services to near-miss identification and road infrastructure optimization.

Drivers tend to forget risky situations when no accident occurs. Michelin DDI’s data doesn’t. It transforms risky situations into powerful insights. By aggregating driving data and behavior insights on a given geographical area, DDI can identify major risk areas on the network, helping road managers to focus their activities and optimization efforts on critical locations to make our roads safer to drive on. 

MICHELIN connected mobility insights are available in our new API Service Catalog. 

“As a connected mobility leader, we at MICHELIN DDI help our clients to unlock the power of data & technology, working collaboratively in our shared commitment for safer mobility.”

– Sophie Foucque, CEO MICHELIN DDI

Building a community of better drivers – What if the way you drive had the power to change the road? This is exactly the idea behind the Better Driving Community: aTech for Good initiative in France that focuses on two complementary goals: building a community of proactive, volunteer drivers committed to road safety and deploying an ecosystem of mobility experts’ partners committed to innovation for safer mobility. 

“At  Michelin Group, providing a better way forward goes way beyond tires. Making roads safer has always been central to our purpose and  the Better Driving Community nurtures this vision. It activates innovation opportunities generated from data, technology and collective intelligence : a unique data driven ecosystem,  to make smarter and safer mobility a reality for everyone.”

Sabrina Clement, Marketing Director – MICHELIN DDI


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