ENGIE, EVBox and Scania partner to foster adoption of electric trucks and busses across Europe

On November 2020, ENGIE and its subsidiary EVBox Group entered into a four-year partnership with Scania to provide made-to-measure, comprehensive eMobility solutions to transport providers in 13 European countries. This partnership covers trucks and buses and provides Scania’s clients with overall solutions to meet their eMobility needs. It includes made-to-measure solutions to meet the actual management requirements of the fleet and depot, as well as those of electric HGVs. It also provides for a smart charging infrastructure, service and maintenance, the provision of green energy, and financing.

To support its clients throughout the electrification process, Scania will provide electric vehicles and electric charging solutions:

  • EVBox Group is providing Scania with smart, scalable high-power charging solutions, including hardware and software, tailored to meet the needs of its clients.
  • Scania will offer field services and training programmes for its drivers within the framework of its standard portfolio.
  • ENGIE will design, offer, install and maintain the electric charging solutions and associated services for Scania clients across various key regions.

The partnership between the three companies begins with operations in 13 European countries. These will be extended to include other regions starting at the end of 2021. ENGIE and EVBox Group will be working together with trusted regional partners such as Caverion and Alpiq

As a leading provider of green mobility solutions, ENGIE is developing a range of solutions tailored to its clients’ needs, such as urban planning consultancy services, public transport solutions (electrification, installation of signalling systems), solutions using alternative fuels (electricity, natural gas and hydrogen) and digital platforms for improving traffic flows.

For more information: Transforming public transport for greener mobility (

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