Michelin reveals a racing tire that already incorporates 46% sustainable materials

At Movin’On 2021, Michelin unveiled a racing tire designed for motor racing that already incorporates 46% sustainable materials for GreenGT’s H24 hydrogen-powered prototype, a car developed for endurance racing.

This ultra-high-performance tire is further proof of Michelin’s ability to apply disruptive technologies to incorporate ever more sustainable materials into its tires,  which are also compatible with extreme racing conditions without compromising the tire’s overall performance..

For Michelin, Motorsport is a full-scale technological laboratory, essential to the development of new sustainable solutions for safer, cleaner and more efficient mobility accessible to all.  

Early this year, Michelin announced its intention to manufacture all its tires using only sustainable materials by 2050, with the interim target of reaching the threshold of 40 percent sustainable materials Group-wide by 2030, in line with the Michelin In Motion plan.

As an indispensable, life-size, high-tech laboratory for the incubation of innovative new solutions, Michelin Motorsport is well on the way to achieving its objective for 2030. And this demonstrator, which contains 46% sustainable materials, is an illustration of this.

This proportion was made possible by increasing the use of natural rubber and integrating carbon black recovered from end-of-life tires.

The unique process developed by Michelin’s partner company Enviro uses pyrolysis to transform worn tires and recover materials like carbon black, which can then be re-employed to produce new tires. 

A wide variety of bio-sourced and recycled materials are also employed in this demonstrator as well as everyday objects:  

  • Orange and lemon peel 
  • Pine resin
  • Sunflower oil
  • Metal cans 

Today, this “sustainable” dimension is taken into account in our specifications in the same way as “traditional” performance features. The integration of sustainable materials is therefore done while maintaining excellent performance such as grip, lap time, and consistency from start to finish of the race.

Our involvement in Motorsport allows us to develop and test new sustainable solutions in the most extreme conditions and to accelerate their application for the benefit of all.

As part of its commitment to integrating sustainable materials into its tires, Michelin uses eco-design principles to limit its tires’ environmental impact at every stage in their lifecycle, from the supply of raw materials and production to the use and recycling phases.

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