WISAMO is an initiative from Michelin Group and aims to contribute to maritime transport decarbonization.

Facing new legislation issues and anti-greenhouse gas measures impacting actors of that market,  WISAMO has developed an innovating hybrid solution for for any types of ships,  and more particularly cargo vessels, new and existing ones.

“Engineered by Michelin, Powered by Wind”… our innovation allows a significant reduction of vessels fuel consumption to limit their environmental impact.

WISAMO aims to help human to conquer new frontiers for planet, with a sustainable growth approach thanks to a new Michelin technological brick contributing to a Green Supply Chain. Maritime transport actors remain under high pressure. Ship owners suffer from new anti-CO2 legislations (-40% in Europe by 2030 and -70% worldwide by 2050) and from Carbon tax. Another pressure also coming from harbors and loaders who have committed with a new CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy.

WISAM team is agile, powerful and definitely innovating, committed to a real adventure to answer “all sustainable” Michelin of tomorrow.

Movin’On event as the worldwide summit for sustainable mobility has been chosen by WISAMO to officially announce its contribution to maritime transport decarbonization revealing with proud the presentation of its innovating and environmental friendly solution.

Join us on several formats at Movin’On Summit where WISAMO will be revealed. Live the official launching of WISAMO and its solution thanks to a News Capsule, a pre-registered Community Announcement followed by a Conversation Café featuring French Navigator Michel Desjoyeaux to answer your questions. We look forward to telling you more!

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