Movin’On 2021 – Collective commitment to accelerate the move from ambition to action

The Movin’On Summit has come and gone, but one thing is clear – everyone who participated is truly committed to accelerate the move from ambition to action, making mobility more sustainable with less harm to our planet. The topics and conversations sparked discussions that will continue way past the summit, and we are inspired by the passion and commitment shown by the participants to find actionable and collective solutions.

Sustainable Mobility is a global priority and the phygital format (in-person participation with virtual elements) connecting Montreal, Paris and Singapore, encouraged global participation on a large scale and the number of delegates that registered way exceeded expectations. Thought leaders, experts, CEOs, media and academics worked closely together – making the Movin’On Summit a unique platform for collaboration.

The shared governance including Accenture, BNP Paribas, CMA-CGM, DHL, Faurecia, Microsoft, Renault, Solvay, and Vinci showed our joint commitment and we are very proud to be a part of it.

Mobility is a basic human right. We need to continue our journey towards net zero emissions, providing the means for people and goods to travel freely. The COVID-19 pandemic emphasized the vulnerabilities in our mobility infrastructures. It also highlighted how adaptable human beings are. Remote work and learning boomed, and new paradigms were embraced – showing human ingenuity and flexibility. This bodes well for the future, because we need to simultaneously create a more inclusive,  sustainable world, while also aiming for net zero. Stakeholders, including those who represent the governing body of Movin’On, have to align and continue to work closely together towards a future that works for all stakeholders. By taking an active role within the Movin’On ecosystem, they are working together to design and implement tangible solutions to transform end-to-end mobility systems.

It is also clear that the decarbonization of vehicles, whether cars, buses or trucks, in the transportation ecosystem is a start, but it is not enough. The entire value and supply chain needs to be addressed. Charging infrastructures, materials acquisition and reuse protocols need to be re-evaluated and electricity itself must also be made greener. Similar interventions need to be made in rail and transit sea/water shipping and air transportation through the use of green hydrogen engines.

We will not achieve success as individual entities and it was evident in our discussions. Participants were in agreement that decarbonization, electrification, and the drive to net zero have never been as important as it is now. Governments and businesses across the world will have to systematically adapt accordingly – intelligently and collectively.

Despite the successes of this year’s event, it is imperative that Movin’On, as a summit and a global movement, continue to grow and evolve. We need to continue bringing all stakeholders together to find truly global, inclusive solutions at scale. 

The future health of the planet depends on our collective efforts and as Accenture we are committed to playing our part.

By Pierre-Olivier Desmurs, Managing Director, Rail and Transit Global Lead, Accenture

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