At the core of the strategic transformation at the Michelin Group, the world leader in mobility, there is a group of data experts called MICHELIN DDI (Driving Data to Intelligence) who are leading the way to more sustainable mobility by developing innovative data-driven solutions. They believe in a safer world where one million lives are no longer lost to road accidents each year. According to Sophie Foucque, CEO of MICHELIN DDI, leveraging data and collective intelligence is critical to making smarter and safer mobility a reality for everyone.

The Better Driving Community – In order to fulfil its mission, the Michelin start-up launched the Better Driving Community, a data-driven ecosystem of drivers and industry partners. More than 15,000 drivers in France now benefit from a connected driving coach solution and shared data, which is aggregated and used to power innovations in mobility. The ecosystem also brings together complementary partners in the automotive, finance and insurance, technology and road infrastructure sectors: BNP Paribas Cardif, CGI, COLAS decided to pool their talents to co-innovate around safer mobility use cases based on driving behaviour within the Better Driving Community framework.

One community, one voice – According to Michael de Toldi, Chief Analytics Officer at BNP Paribas Cardif, artificial intelligence is playing a key role in risk prevention through this unprecedented partnership. The Community combines awareness-raising actions and an ecosystem of mobility experts to make roads safer. Annette Trenz, Vice-president of Global Industry Lead Manufacturing at CGI added that the Community connects partners and industries that have never worked together before to create powerful new opportunities. Fabrice Luriot, Mobility by Colas Director, stated that the Community makes it possible to develop the use of data to study road infrastructure conditions and ultimately to initiate new services.

A digital and data-driven transformation – The automotive industry is currently undergoing major transformations with the advent of connected cars, autonomous driving, shared mobility and electrification. High quality data will be key to develop insights and new services towards safer mobility as well as to generate future opportunities.

Innovation and brain power – The Better Driving Community has gathered a community of partners and data scientists to work in an open environment to gain a better understanding of driver habits and behaviour and to develop solutions collaboratively, away from the silo mentality. According to Natacha Vandederuch, Head of Data Science at MICHELIN DDI, fusing the competencies and specialties of the data scientists with the shared data leads to powerful insights and a unique model framework. Fabien Villerot, Vice-president of Consulting Services at CGI, added that the partnership will accelerate innovation and bring new ideas to the table to make roads safer to drive on.

Improving road safety in the real world –The work of the Better Driving Community will shed some light on the impact of driving behavior and usage on vehicle wear and tear. It will also encourage better road sharing practices by identifying areas of tension around multi-modal mobility hotspots : a set of first use cases to be expanded in the coming months through the collaborative ideation and working sessions among partners.

If “road safety is a human right”, as Sophie Foucque says, then leveraging data and intelligence to save lives is a privilege shared by members and partners of the Better Driving Community.

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