Categories for mobility

Aiming for carbon neutrality

Poor air quality and dangerous emissions threaten the extinction of many things, among them the gas-powered combustion engine in private, single-occupant vehicles. In a car-rich country such as Germany, steps are being taken by leading stakeholders to get closer to zero-emissions goals.

Rethinking our cities

With the rapid worldwide urban sprawl occurring, it becomes even more urgent to bridge the gap between real estate development and sustainable mobility.

Sustainable innovations: Overcoming trust issues

Changing the mobility ecosystem requires a resource that isn’t always easy to access: the public’s trust. Three mobility experts from around the world share how they’re getting citizens used to sustainable innovation.

Forging sustainable partnerships

Making products more eco-friendly requires a new approach to the analysis of value chains and life cycles, as well as seeking out new partnerships.

Paving the way to safer roads

Innovations in mobility and infrastructure are changing the way people navigate the city. Although this should help boost road safety, that’s not always the case.

An urban mobility revolution

In order to grapple with the impending boom in urban populations and traffic, cities must rethink mobility with the short and medium terms in mind.

The seaway — the way of the future

What solutions for maritime cargo companies to reach the International Maritime Organization’s goal of reducing its emissions by at least 50% by 2050?

Demystifying the circular economy

The concept of “built to last” has always been a declaration of waste minimization. However, the quest for long-term durability is becoming more complex.