Decarbonization and air quality

Just a few years after COP21, reaching the goals set by the Paris Agreement is proving to be harder than expected. In addition, more than 80% of the urban population lives in areas where the World Health Organization’s air-quality guidelines are exceeded, in part due to mobility systems.

The mobility industry is in need of a bold action plan to implement the Paris Agreement on climate change with the objective of achieving a net zero-emission economy.


  • IMPROVING AIR QUALITY – How can we improve air quality and citizens’ well-being, specifically in urban areas?
  • ACCELERATING DECARBONIZATION – How can we tackle battery, mixed-energy and new technology challenges for multimodal transportation?
  • PRACTICING DECARBONIZATION – Through a problem-solving approach based on practices, benchmarks and tools, how can we implement decarbonization plans in cities, companies and civil society?