Mobility at the time of circular economy

Blowing through finite raw materials faster than the planet can regenerate to meet demand and creating massing CO2 emissions and other pollution, the societal cost of planned obsolescence is alarmingly high.

To put an end to it, we must base the new business models on circular economy, and quickly. We must turn to additive manufacturing, also known as ‘’3D printing’’, and develop a collaborative ecosystem where innovative startups and leaders of the public and private sectors work hand in hand. Key performance indicators (KPI) need to be defined and concrete tools developed.

The traditional economy has long been a linear system of make, take, dispose. We have to reinvent the wheel and use less, less often and more smartly.


  • Putting an end to planned obsolescence
  • From waste management to circular economy
  • The second life of vehicles and parts
  • Reinventing the wheel: innovation in circular economy