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17 September, 2019

The Minutes 2019 have arrived

The Minutes 2019, focussed around this year’s 5 key topics, offer you a comprehensive account of the highlights, insights, and lessons to retain from this Movin’On Summit 2019.

29 August, 2019

Businesses and cities: Partners in mobility

Faced with the ongoing threat of global warming, the transportation industry has some crucial decisions to make on how to work toward decarbonization. In fact, the entire mobility sector must work hand-in-hand to engage in critical transformation measures.

22 August, 2019

Sink or swim: Bangkok’s climate crisis

Kotchakorn Voraakhom’s stirring plea for action moved the audience at the opening of the 2019 Movin’On Summit, as she described how climate change threatens to submerge her home city of Bangkok.

15 August, 2019

Full charge ahead

Before electric vehicles can be adopted en masse, drivers need reassurance that the experience will be smooth and consistent — concerns that standardization can help address.

7 August, 2019

Amplifying human ingenuity with AI

Just as software became the key competitive advantage across industries in recent decades, AI is poised to be a game-changer by helping companies become more agile in their solutions and reach the market faster.

31 July, 2019

Accelerating social change

Autonomous vehicles can benefit cities in a multitude of ways, including reducing emissions, but social and regulatory acceptation will require some good PR.