A green-certified conference


Movin’On becomes one of the most sustainable events in the world

When organizing a global summit on sustainable mobility, it’s essential to ensure that the event stays true to its theme: that is, sustainable and green. Collaborating with the Sustainable Events Council and Équiterre, we are proud to announce that Movin’On has earned a BNQ Level 3 certification, which positions it as one of the most sustainable large events in the world. Here’s how:

Creating a 100% carbon-neutral event
This is quite the achievement, considering this conference welcomed 4,000 participants and speakers to Montréal from all over the world. Movin’On offset 100% of the CO2 emissions related to participants’ and speakers’ land and air travel by purchasing gold carbon credits.

Green guests, clean transit
When purchasing tickets to this year’s event, many of you selected to ‘’Offset your greenhouse gas emissions’’ and cover your share for just a few extra dollars on your ticket. Thank you! We also appreciate you choosing greener ways to get to and from Arsenal, which included using the metro, Bixi, shuttle, car2go and Téo Taxi. Even the boats offering scenic rides on the Lachine Canal were electric powered.

Eco-food breakthroughs
This event curbed its waste by only using compostable and reusable dishware at all food stations. With the help of Consortium Écho-Logique, food scraps were sorted for composting. Behind the scenes, surplus food was donated to La Tablée des Chefs, a Montréal organization that feeds people in need and teaches culinary skills to youth.
Low-impact menu
Not only were delicious, healthy eats available onsite, but food suppliers continued to prioritize local products in their menus whenever possible, offering an array of vegetarian and organic options, too.

Ban the bottle
Movin’On banished plastic water bottles onsite, encouraging guests to bring or buy their own reusable bottles and fill them, courtesy of tabl’eau, our filtered water supplier.

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