A three-dimensional portrait of sustainable mobility in the 360 Big Top



Exploring the future of mobility with a reinvented conference experience

The leading international summit on sustainable mobility can boast of having an amphitheatre worthy of its stature. Presented by Michelin and organizing partner C2, Movin’On has procured a Main Stage at the cutting-edge of event technology, the 360 Big Top, a truly revolutionary concept in the conference landscape.

True to its name, the new 360 Big Top is a high-capacity, 360°, fully immersive, state-of-the-art performance platform. It enables scenic innovations like never before, allowing both speakers and participants to transcend old limitations and say goodbye to the staid, one-dimensional business symposium of the past.

Conference bigtop3

Mobility examined from all sides

At Movin’On, participants from the worlds of business, government, academia as well as the non-profit sector will collaborate and explore new ways to address our biggest global challenges and redefine the future of mobility.

The 360 Big Top is fully capable of breathing life into an abstract concept, transforming it into a vibrant, glowing reality that you can see, hear, and almost touch. Need to visualize the future of aerial transport networks? No problem, we can do that. Want to transport your audience to the mountains of Mars? We can do that, too. In this unique space where imagination runs wild and free, the great minds of today will catapult our participants headlong into the world of tomorrow.

The 360 Big Top is literally one of a kind, a completely unique structural wonder that was originally designed and built for the spectacular, world touring theatre production of Peter Pan 360.

Fun facts about our new 360 Big Top

  • It can comfortably accommodate 1,400 on its cushioned seats
  • All seats are great seats: spectators are never more than 13 rows from the stage
  • Capable of 360° surround video projection and sound, it’s ideal for making multisensory experiences and for creating new interactive possibilities between the real world and digital realms
  • Has a large, 37-metre-diameter interior – lots of room to play
  • Its sturdy, pyramidal steel frame can handle serious lighting and sound rigs, digital projections and pretty much anything else we want to throw at it (or on it)
  • This timelapse video will give you an idea of the scale of it all.