Braindating: experience meaningful and innovative connections at Movin’On


For some conference goers, there is nothing more stressful than the idea of networking. Many would rather pull out their smart phones and check their emails than take the risk of approaching a stranger to introduce themselves or get stuck in the wrong conversation. However, when asked, many people cite networking as their number one reason for coming to conferences, so avoiding networking is not the solution.

During Movin’On you will have the chance to experience unique networking opportunities. More and more conferences are offering social apps to their participants. The key difference is that the braindate concept goes far beyond supplying an app. Braindates are targeted learning meetings. Powered by e180, they are organized on the basis of the offers and requests for knowledge as expressed by participants. It’s about facilitating the connection, or as E-180 founder Christine Renaud would put it, “engineering serendipity”.

“When good connections are made, there is no better feeling,” Renaud explains, “Braindates remove the barriers to networking and help people get to the meaningful conversations right away. We are in the business of connecting human beings for meaningful conversations.”


Here is how it works:

A few weeks before the conference, participants get an email with a link to register to klik by PixMob. Klik’s online portal includes all of the information you will need to plan your Movin’On experience: keynotes, workshops, labs, parties, and, of course, braindates.

It’s recommended that people sign on, create their profile and make their matches long before the event itself. Waiting until the last minute may make it difficult to schedule dates with the experts of your choosing.

Movin’On participants wanting to plan their braindates will need to set up their profile and specify their offers and requests for knowledge. Offers are what you could teach or give another participant. People are encouraged to make their offers as granular as possible in order to make the best connection. Offers have included everything from advice on how to set up an experiential marketing campaign in the Bronx for a retail brand to how to do a handstand. Renaud recalls that one of the most popular offers from past events was a student offering up reviews of products from a Millennial perspective.

Requests for knowledge are the other side of the coin: what is it that you need to learn specifically? Again, the more granular your request, the more likely it is that you’ll get a good match for a braindate.

The next steps are simple: Show up at the lounge at the specified time. This is where you will be greeted by a matchmaker who will introduce you to your braindate. You can remain in the lounge, which has plenty of unique meeting spaces, or you can take your braindate anywhere else you’d like. This year at Movin’On, participants will have the unique opportunity to share a braindate while aboard one of the featured vehicles in Movin’On’s Ride & Drive section. What better way to discuss, collaborate and exchange on the future of mobility than while comfortably seated in a cutting edge vehicle that represents that very future?

In addition to building a stronger recommendation algorithm to make it even more efficient and offer even more meaningful meetings, e180 is adding a new component: group braindates: This will allow people to exchange information in larger groups.

This new format responds to a particular niche in the networking ecosystem: some people want to discuss their topic with representatives from a variety of backgrounds, while others want to make their expertise available to other participants but lack time to meet them all one by one.

In all cases, these braindates help minimize the role of blind luck by maximizing your chances of finding THE person you absolutely must meet. Don’t forget to plan yours once you get invited to klik.