Burning questions: a first sneak peek at the 2019 Movin’On Summit programming


The burning questions: a sneak peek at the 2019 programming

What is the main issue keeping you up at night, as a sustainable mobility stakeholder? What problem do you need to solve? What roadblock do you need to overcome in order to provide sustainable solutions for the mobility of today and tomorrow?

In this sneak peek at the programming for Movin’On Summit 2019, discover some of the burning questions speakers, panelists and working session experts will address this spring.


How can we apply smart financing models to achieve sustainable urban mobility, infrastructure, and effective partnerships?

And how can we best apply co-design principles for sustainable urban mobility, infrastructure and quality of life?

In working sessions such as the one hosted by top-tier organizations such as BNP Paribas,  HSBC and Société générale, participants and experts will put all hands on deck to find proven quick wins and long term solutions to get the ball rolling.

For more on business and financing models for Multimodal urban transit and society, check out this article on MaaS or this one on accessible transportation.


How can companies, countries and world organizations lead the decarbonization practice?

The effect of climate change can already be felt in some parts of the globe, and there’s no reason to believe it’s about to slow down.


The World Bank’s Guangzhe Chen – the mobility advocate –, will take the stage to address how to tackle climate change.


Business leaders will have to face sustainability related challenges sooner or later, and trust expert Sandra J. Sucher is well-equipped to guide businesses through the grey areas of corporate accountability.


Regulation isn’t everything, but good urban policies can go a long way towards decarbonization, which is what José Gomes Mendes does for the Government of Portugal, and as Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Transport Decarbonisation Alliance.


BMW’s Ursula Mathar believes sustainability strategy is closely linked to both economic growth and the promotion of human rights.


Need a primer on this topic? Read the chapter A community for decarbonization from our latest Minutes.


A few more questions, for the road

During two and a half days of engaging talks, dynamic panels, practical working sessions and a novel mobility experience, these burning questions might also be addressed:

  • Which approach is the best in order to accelerate the deployment of autonomous vehicles: targeted proprietary research or open-source?
  • How can we enhance e-commerce sustainability while preserving the consumer experience?
  • What type of incentives could stimulate cooperation among stakeholders who have traditionally been competitors, in order to decrease waste, conserve energy and close the circular economy loop?

You want to learn as much as possible on these topics? Check out our news sections for in-depth content or read our latest Minutes.


Over the next few weeks, we will be announcing sneak peeks of burning questions, working sessions, speakers and panelists. Stay tuned for more announcements and join the conversation on our social accounts.