Programming sneak peek: What to expect in Circular economy?


With a growing number of profit-driven businesses joining the circular economy, the challenges it poses become clearer to more and more leaders, including car designers. This theme tackles the life cycle of new sustainable mobility products including batteries, tools to manage the circular economy and innovative solutions contributing to an effective circular economy.Don’t miss out on this crucial topic and get your pass now.


How can we best apply tools such as recycled and bio-sourced materials, eco-design and second-life planning to reach the goal of a zero-emission, zero-waste economy?

And what type of regulatory incentives could stimulate cooperation among former competitors in order to decrease waste, optimize energy and close the loop?

In working sessions such as the one hosted by BMW on their life cycle approach for sustainable mobility as well as two working sessions by Michelin, one on making waste obsolete and another one on new business models for bio-sourced and recycled materials, participants and experts will collaborate to find new design perspectives, new sources of sustainable materials and a second life for by-products.


What is the impact of new mobilities on the circular economy?

And how do mobility as a service and the emergence of autonomous driving represent a great opportunity for the circular economy? Here are some of the speakers who will take the stage to address these key issues:


The stellar researcher and director of the <Automotive Research Association of India Rashmi Urdhwareshe will address the impact of new mobility on the manufacturing economy and automotive design.


Carla Bailo

Center for Automotive Research’s Carla Bailo will be addressing the slow pace at which the industry is adapting to the circular economy and present a wider definition of transportation electrification.



The CleanTech innovator – iKare Innovation’s Anne Baer will share her take on innovation ecosystems.



New in previously-announced themes

Our roster of speakers keeps growing every week. Here are a few more we are proud to announce:


SNCF’s Guillaume Pepy will be back at the Movin’On Summit to share his views on transportation innovation.


Momar Nguer


The promoter of green energy, Total’s Momar Nguer, will discuss how to cooperate in order to tackle climate change.



Allie Kelly is Executive Director of The Ray, a nonprofit organization that has built the nation’s only publicly accessible, living laboratory for transportation innovation.


Over the next few weeks, we will be announcing sneak peeks of burning questions, working sessions, speakers and panelists. Don’t miss out on these concrete topics and make sure to join us in Montreal on June 4 to 6 for the 2019 Movin’On Summit. Get your pass now.