Cities from all over the world gather at Movin’On to create tomorrow’s mobility


Movin’On pour construire la mobilité de demain

There’s no denying it, sustainable cities are on the rise. All around the world, today’s biggest metropolises are developing ever more progressive solutions to increase their citizens’ quality of life. But sustainable urban living cannot be achieved without sustainable urban mobility.

If we talk more about cities than mobility itself, it is because changing mobility also entails transforming cities. Today, as cities are turning into megacities and urban populations are growing at an alarming rate, post-carbon living is edging ever closer to reality. We are all looking for the magical, holistic instant solution to meet the mobility needs of all city dwellers.

The task ahead is considerable. We must encourage soft mobility (walking, cycling, etc.), improve both the quality and the amount of public transportation and convince drivers to rethink their car use, all for the collective good. We must:

  • Remember that density matters in transportation.
  • Address smart cities and shrink car use without excluding suburbs, rural communities and highway systems.
  • Build a combined infrastructure for transportation.
  • Apply specific technologies to different levels and users.

Involve all levels of government (national, provincial, municipal, etc) in order to identify concrete and actionable solutions.

30 municipalités venues des quatre coins du monde

At Movin’On, nearly 30 municipalities from around the world will share their ideas, solutions and innovative technologies to bring global, smart, sustainable and multimodal mobility to life. From Buenos Aires in Argentina, to Portland in the USA, from Oyem in Gabon to Braga in Portugal, representatives of today’s biggest metropolises gather at Movin’On to build the world of tomorrow. Does your city have a seat at this table?

America Europe Africa Asia

Argentina: Buenos

Brazil: Guarulhos**

Canada: Bridgewater**,
Laval and Montréal**

United States: Portland,
Kansas City, Los Angeles, San Francisco
and Norman and Greenville County


France: Clermont-Ferrand,
Lyon and Rennes

Germany: Bad-Kreuznach**

Spain: Aranda de Duero**,
Valladolid**, Vitoria-Gasteiz**

United Kingdom: Dundee

Portugal: Braga*


Gabon: Oyem**


India: Amravati, Kochi

Japan: maebashi**

Thaïland: Phrapradaeng**

**Cities Belonging to the International Network of Michelin Cities (RIVIM)


Highlights from Movin’On 2018


A journey inside the smart city

May 31, 9:00 AM-10:15AM

Humans as the heart of the city, the new multimodal society

May 31, 11:00 AM-12:15AM

Working sessions: 

CITYzen, humanizing tomorrow’s cities – May 30

Designing Mobility as a Service (MaaS) for the city – May 31

Achieving zero-emission cities by 2050 – June 1

Smart in the city to optimize and connect the infrastructure of mid size cities – June 1

…and much more!