Connection is just one “klik” away



Smart badges, another collaborative innovation making its debut at Movin’On

When you get a chance to strengthen the international transportation ecosystem while attending a conference that seeks to establish common grounds for the future of sustainable mobility, it’s time to let those emails and push notifications wait, and stay fully focused on the present moment. During the Movin’On summit, participants are encouraged to keep their phones in their pockets, leave the wallet and business cards at home, and instead count on klik.

PixMob’s brand new smart badges, called klik, minimize the need to tote around all those extras. With these smart passes, participants can consult the schedule, register for activities and plan their daily agenda. Klik is also a powerful interactive platform where you can retrieve the contact information of whomever you “klik-ed” with during the day in your online journal. The smart badges will also be equipped with one of Connect&GO’s groundbreaking RFID chip, thus allowing you to make secure payments without ever taking out your wallet.

“The idea is to leave your cellphone in your pocket and focus on the moment.” – David Parent, CEO of PixMob

Sometimes, less is more… Especially in the ever growing world of technology! Communication tools were originally created to bring us closer together, but they certainly don’t serve their purpose if we’re constantly glued to our phones. Klik’s cutting edge technology can be used to establish meaningful human contact and optimize our time… a useful quality when you’re amongst some of the most passionate and exciting people in the world!


PixMob’s mission is to encourage human contact by creating magical moments. Exceptional work they’ve produced in the past includes turning large crowds into pixels to make a giant light display during mass events like the Super Bowl, the Olympic Games or Taylor Swift’s world tour. No doubt they will once again create unique moments of magic this June at Movin’On!