Movin’On Summit announces its dynamic new site at Grandé Studios


Every year we reinvent the Movin’On Summit, creating the perfect setting for bold new ideas and actions in sustainable mobility. And this year that reinvention has been kicked up a notch. Or three.

We’re pleased to announce an entirely new, bigger and brighter venue for the Movin’On Summit, now located at Grandé Studios in the Pointe-Saint-Charles neighbourhood, situated in the Movin’On Summit’s traditional stomping grounds in the city’s southwest, only a stone’s throw from downtown.


Putting mobility on the right track

The lively and vibrant new venue reflects Movin’On Summit’s continued growth and evolution, and will feature, among many other things, lush green zones, intriguing art installations, a diversity of eating options, the popular Labs and Braindating Lounge, comfortable outdoor relaxation areas, Montreal’s famous food trucks, an intimate Cabaret space and the Agora, a large, multipurpose, amphitheatre-esque space.

This new home is very much in keeping with the Movin’On Summit’s penchant for reimagining historic, Industrial-Age architecture. Located on the grounds of the former Grand Trunk Railway yards and shops, the building housing Grandé Studios was erected in the mid-1850s and was at one point home to the largest train repair shop in Canada. It is a nod to the commerce of the past as we look to the future.


A big place for bold new actions

We can’t wait to share what our partners, content, design and production teams have been working hard on all year, custom-building and curating a one-of-a-kind setting that encourages participants to learn, collaborate, connect and get into the momentum to take action.

Here are a few highlights:

  • soaring 60-foot ceilings, huge windows and plenty of natural light
  • more than 200,000 square feet of space to spread out in
  • many different environments to explore
  • more sound-insulated, private settings
  • if the weather doesn’t cooperate, the entire event can be experienced indoors
  • and a fun fact: when it’s not hosting C2 Montréal or the Movin’On Summit, the space is frequently the set of big-budget films such as the X-Men franchise.


This June 4–6, come join us in a place where curiosity is the norm, risk is encouraged, being bold is celebrated and anything can happen. You can check out our ever growing roster of speakers and our programming sneak peek on Decarbonization and on Multimodal urban transit. We look forward to seeing you there!


See — and experience — for yourself

Be a part of this exciting next step in the evolution of the Movin’On Summit — get your passes here.