Great minds think alike: Thought leaders share the stage at Movin’On

A dizzying array of conversations, panels, and talks


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Great minds think alike: Thought leaders share the stage at Movin’On

From June 13-15 in Montreal, an immersive experience that focuses on concrete action for the future of mobility, the Movin’On summit will shake up thinking and take on transportation’s hot topics in conversations, panels and talks.

Hosted by  some of the finest critical minds in the field, the Movin’On panels will feature distinguished thinkers in the field of mobility, political leaders with a thirst for sustainable transportation, the visionaries dreaming of the travel of tomorrow, and a cornucopia of other passionate and inspiring figures.

Panels and conversations at Movin’On: Full speed ahead!

Creating the intelligent and inclusive mobility of tomorrow: From Ambition to Action 
These leaders have joined their expertise to share their vision for the mobility of the future, as well as their recommendations to accelerate the transition toward concrete action in which collaboration between the public, private enterprise, and institutions will be the key to success.

Moderator :
Alexandre Baudet, Project Manager, InovÉÉ and Guest Lecturer, École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS)

Jean-Dominique Senard, President
Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, Government of Canada
Jean Todt, President, Fédération internationale de l’Automobile (FiA)

Safety First: a Panel on intelligent mobility with Barry Einsig, Dirk Wollschlaeger and Guillaume Gérondeau

V2X Connectivity depends upon an unprecedented degree of precision in linking vehicles, infrastructure and passengers.
Experts in intelligent mobility discuss the latest data systems which enable the prediction and imitation of driver behaviour. What will the next generation of vehicle automation look like? How will AI be deployed in this brave new mobility world composed of a myriad array of data sources?

Dirk Wollschlaeger, General Manager Global Automotive, Aerospace and Defense Industry, IBM
Barry Einsig, Global Automotive and Transportation Executive, Cisco Systems
Guillaume Gerondeau, Senior Director Transportation & Mobility Asia, Dassault Systèmes

Ultimate freedom or a gilded cage: the driverless car under the microscope 

Like many revolutionary technologies, the self-driving car engenders both fascination and fear. This panel invites both researchers and lobbyists to weigh in on the safety considerations involved in the emerging driverless vehicle segment. How to situate autonomous vehicles in an appropriate regulatory framework? Can we trust in a safe and effective give mobility without a human driver at the wheel?

Roger C. Lanctot, Director, Automotive Connected Mobility Global Automotive Practice, Strategy Analytics

Joachim Damasky, Managing Director, German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA)
David L. Strickland, Associate, Venable LLP; Counsel, Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets and former administrator, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

The collaborative mobility ecosystem: the relationship between mobility models and the transportation experience

Leaders in the collaborative mobility ecosystem share their experiences and insights about vehicle sharing, and identify the a major transformation of demand, trending toward much less car ownership and far more car-sharing. What might tomorrow’s transport tools look like, given the new reality of vehicle-sharing? Which technologies should take precedence in redrawing the map of urban mobility?

Grégory Ducongé, CEO, Vulog
Ursula Mathar, Vice President of Sustainability and Environmental Protection, BMW Group
Cedric Mathieu, Director, Turo Canada

Sustainable Infrastructure: costs and methods of responsible financing

Climate change is forcing us to accelerate the deployment of infrastructure in support of sustainable development. Raising the necessary capital on both the local and international level presents a substantial challenge. Luminaries from the world of finance and the leaders of our most audacious transportation projects discuss the promising investment tools for the development of sustainable mobility.

Kiran Kapila, President, International Road Federation
Rising above the road: the future of airborne mobility

Modern-day pioneers of air transport give us a glimpse of the infinite possibilities of a mobility that floats free of the constraints of terrestrial infrastructure. These cutting-edge technologies promise to propel us toward a future where dreams become reality.

Stephen Trimble, Managing Editor, Flightglobal Americas

Igor Pasternak, Founder, Worldwide Aeros
Mark Moore, Director of Engineering, Uber Elevate

Open secrets: connected vehicles, cybersecurity and the user experience 

The pervasiveness of mobile devices, widespread connectivity and of vehicles equipped with advanced sensory technology has completely transformed our concept of transport as well as generating a massive amount of new data. How can all this user data be utilized? What are the real benefits of invisibly integrated connected mobility? Finally, what are the areas that require increased vigilance? Our featured technologists and app developers discuss novel user experiences and the challenges of cybersecurity from the perspectives of both users and data.

Kevin Tynan, Analyste automobile senior, Bloomberg Intelligence

Ian Drew, Chairman, Tantalum
Chris Miller, Chief Executive Officer, Invoke
Dan Galves, Senior Vice President, Chief Communications Officer, Mobileye

Connect the dots: the potential of multimodality 

In this conversation, industry leaders in intermodal transport explore the best practices for combining different modes of transport, as well as novel solutions for completing the chain. How can we best harmonize the mobility of individuals with the transport of goods? What avenues must we explore to ensure a quality user experience while reducing congestion in existing infrastructures and multiplying connections between different modes of transport?

Jim Bruce,Senior Vice President and Chief Energy Policy Officer, Global Public Affairs, UPS
Matt Muta, Vice President Innovation & Operations Technology, Delta Air Lines

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