Ladies and gentlemen: The Movin’On 2017 Minutes


2 and a half days, 79 speakers, 5 labs, 49 workshops and masterclasses, 21 futuristic vehicles and 5,223 hours of collaboration between 4,000 participants…

Numbers that speak volumes!

The C2 editorial team has worked tirelessly and meticulously to gather all the notes you didn’t have to take during Movin’On to create, you guessed it, The Movin’On 2017 Minutes.

Behind this compendium of words and images, which summarizes all that was said and done during these two and a half days of activity, are 22 volunteer notetakers, five seasoned writers, four ruthless editors, an adventurous illustrator, eight photographers, a stellar design team… and, of course, a world summit worth writing about, thanks to the passionate work of over 100 talented partners.

We hope these Minutes help you rekindle conversations started during the event and even inspire new ideas to percolate and burst forth.

Happy reading!

Inspired by the extensive content of The Minutes? Help co-write the future of mobility on the web platform Movin’On Continues with the Open Lab. The global discussion lives on until Oct. 2.