McGill University campus to host next edition of the Movin’On Summit


Avec McGill, Movin’On fait progresser la mobilité durable au service du développement humain

Building on three years of exceptional growth, the Movin’On Summit has matured into a fully realized, world-class reference in sustainable mobility. Driven by the objective to move from ambition to action, the Summit stands as a platform for tangible, accessible and sustainable solutions to today’s great challenges in mobility to materialize. The Movin’On Summit federates a large community including corporations, startups, government bodies, academia, NGOs, and international organizations, demonstrating through its very existence that no actor is an island when it comes to the colossal challenges of sustainable development.


A new page in the Movin’On history

As we lay the building blocks of our next edition, we are thrilled to announce that the 2020 Movin’On Summit is set to take place at the downtown campus of McGill University, one of North America’s great educational institutions of higher learning. Rich in purpose, the convergence of these two realms opens up opportunities for students from all over the world to connect with the work carried out by industry experts, thereby broadening fields of action and reflection and openly sharing the challenges associated with tomorrow’s mobility.

After raising awareness on the fact that mobility has no other option but to be sustainable, and as environmental issues are widely regarded as a top priority, Movin’On is opening a new chapter in its story and reaffirming its commitment to building bridges: between generations, as well as between political, economic, and academic actors — whilst maintaining civil society as the keystone of the arch. By combining audiences for these three days, Movin’On and McGill want to give everyone a chance to respond to the great mobility-related challenges facing humanity.

Florent Menegaux, Chief Executive Officer of the Michelin Group, states:

 “The people-centred culture at Michelin, based on its human-scale and social model, makes it a major actor in the movement towards mobility that’s at the service of human development. In a time when it’s tempting to turn inwards, our conviction is that the need for mobility will persist nonetheless, supported by societal shifts and because mobility is at the very core of human evolution. But our future can only manifest if sustainable, meaning to the benefit of the human community as a whole, and to our one and only home: Earth. The step taken today with McGill University, an institution of higher learning, is a powerful illustration of this message.”



Creating the conditions for disruption

While maintaining its unique flavour, the next edition of the Movin’On Summit promises to create even better conditions for connection and action. Large open spaces yield the flexibility necessary for our creative team of designers to realize with a truly unforgettable experience.

Given our mission to provide an optimal environment for ideas to emerge, the McGill University campus presents itself as a natural fit, in alignment with the sustainability principles that run deep within the Movin’On DNA. McGill’s downtown campus is located on the slopes of Mount Royal, a more accessible, centralized location in Montreal that provides a greener and more inspiring setting — ideal for the genesis of groundbreaking ways for mobility to move forward in sustainability.


McGill University: Taking the conversation to the next level

McGill University is a world-renowned academic institution with research activities spanning various disciplines including sustainability, genomics, the human brain, food/nutrition, infection/immunity, computational AI research, music, public policy and law. McGill’s alumni include some of Canada’s greatest names and talents, from artists Leonard Cohen and William Shatner to astronauts Julie Payette and Dave Williams, memory pioneer Brenda Milner to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. This year, Movin’On Summit participants will be able to immerse themselves in the same innovative spirit and creative energy that these and so many other alumni have experienced.


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