Movin’On, day 1


movinon'on day 1

Movin’On’s official kick off was early this morning, and boy, what a kick it was! It was so powerful that it echoed around the globe – metaphorically – and left the mediasphere humming excitedly.

Whether you spent this sunny Tuesday with us, here in Montréal, or you followed us from a few miles (or oceans?) away, here’s a quick recap of what caught our eye on this inaugural day.

Photo album of the day

A picture is worth a thousand words. Browse through a selection of photos that will transport you right back to the emotions and memories of the day.

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Big news of the day

Movin’On opened to a packed house in the 360 Big Top, as Jean-Dominique Senard and Denis Coderre shared their hopes for the future of sustainable mobility. “We refuse to choose between safety and energy efficiency. We must offer a complete product, without compromises,” pledged Michelin CEO Jean-Dominique Senard.

The Honourable Denis Coderre, Mayor of Montreal, emphasized the city’s strategic leadership role in the field of artificial intelligence, as well as its progressive environmental and political stance: “Here, we actually believe that climate change exists. In Montreal, we don’t build walls, we build bridges.”

movinon day 1

Moonshot of the day

Artificial intelligence at the service of sustainable mobility is now a tangible reality thanks to EasyMile! Their EZ10 shuttle brilliantly showcased the arrival of Jean-Dominique Senard and Denis Coderre to the Arsenal in grand style. Watch the video of their appearance :

Live of the day

In the middle of the Hangar is a glass studio called the Aquarium, where you can watch and listen to interviews with speakers, members of the Movin’On community and people from international mobility ecosystem as they discuss the day’s burning questions. Live streaming on our YouTube channel!

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Ready for a new dose of inspiration tomorrow for the second day of Movin’On?