Movin’On- Going Beyond Green with three new speakers

Three new speakers join Movin'On


BASF, thinxmachine and UPS join the conversation on a safe, clean and effective mobility for all

If your daily commute stresses you out, consider the infinitely greater impact it has on the blue world we call home. Each day, billions of people are travelling great distances, which increases environmental stress on a planetary scale.

Despite this, multiple solutions already exist, as sustainable mobility is already on our doorstep. The widespread adoption of electric vehicles shows no signs of slowing, the first self-driving cars are already on our roads, and transport companies like EV manufacturer ProTerra, are poised to revolutionize our public transit systems, with the first zero-emission “smart” buses.

What about the major challenges facing a package delivery company like UPS?

And what kind of alternatives can we develop to evolve the disposable and often highly polluting auto parts industry?

How will our roads evolve in response to the innovations of sustainable mobility?

Jim Bruce, senior VP and Chief Energy Policy Officer for Global Public Affairs at UPS, Michael Pcolinski, VP for Innovation and Technology at BASF in North America, and Joanna Peña-Bickley, Chief Experience Officer for thinxmachine, join our roster of distinguished speakers at Movin’On. These are the people who intend to propel us toward a safe, clean and effective mobility for all.


It’s time to migrate to safe, clean and effective mobility for all. Come join those who are inspiring and revolutionizing the future of mobility at Movin’On:

Michael Pcolinski, VP for Innovation and Technology at BASF North America
Each year, 80 million babies are born on Earth. Not only is such a demographic explosion beyond the current carrying capacity of our blue home, it will soon need to provide three times the resources to satisfy the requirements of the global population. BASF, building creative chemistry for a sustainable future, is actively working to develop solutions across the entire spectrum of the chemical industry. High-performance, sustainable, featherweight batteries? Why not?

Jim Bruce, senior VP and Chief Energy Policy Officer for Global Public Affairs at UPS
Soon, 70% of the world’s population will live in cities. The massive scale of this urbanisation will give rise to new challenges related to air quality, road congestion, and lead to a marked increase in last-mile delivery. As the world’s largest package delivery service, UPS has chosen to become part of the solution, rather than add to the problem.

Joanna Peña-Bickley, Global Chief Experience Officer at thinxmachine
Joanna is a firm believer in AI’s key role in re-thinking mobility in a post-automobile world. A passionate environmental activist, she designed a cognitive platform called “EarthThinx” whose goal is to raise consciousness about the importance of safeguarding our planet. How can the Big Data collected by this program help us reduce our CO2 emissions, as well as providing first steps toward a more sustainable mobility?

They join several other distinguished speakers dealing with the themes of safe, clean, efficient mobility.

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