Mydream Smile the world and Michelin team up to make your dreams come true


Movin’On joins with startup Mydream Smile the world to empower citizens as active participants in their mobility future

“A world that reflects who we are is a better world”: this is the motto of Mydream Smile the world, a a startup which offers a fresh experience in social media, offering netizens a bold new canvas for expression, action and engagement for building a world that reflects their feelings and dreams.

Michelin, a proud sponsor of permanent and ongoing global cooperation, is constantly encouraging creativity and innovation in the area of sustainable mobility, notably with its Think and Do Tank: Open Lab Challenge Bibendum. A collaborative ecosystem focused on the challenges of the future of mobility, it is organized around stakeholders communities, and places the individual citizen at the heart of its preoccupation.

As such, Michelin and Mydream Smile the world have joined forces so that you, the citizens, can share your hopes for mobility and become active players in this process of reflection and creation, thanks to the My dream of Mobility initiative, taking place online from May 22 to June 15, 2017.

Here’s how to get involved:

Everyone who logs on to Mydream Smile the world can post their dream of mobility and thus participate in the construction of a wall of dreams, inspiration and creativity on future mobility  innovations.

At the conclusion of the initiative, one lucky participant wil see their dream incubated and brought to life in one of Michelin’s Open Lab Challenge Bibendum communities and will contribute to making their mobility dream a reality. Through this collaborative experience, we invite you all to build a future in the image of your dreams and contribute to Movin’On from ambition to action in the field of mobility!

  • Your mobility dream is teleportation?
  • You dream of walking on water?
  • You dream of flying aboard the Solar Impulse?
  • You dream of donating bicycles to children in need in Africa?