One small step for Ride & Drive, one giant leap for mobility! – Part 1

Test driving the vehicles of tomorrow



Everything you’ve always imagined, but never thought would be within your reach… becomes a reality at Movin’On. The Ride & Drive presented by the government of Quebec will take you on a trip you won’t soon forget. Climb aboard the latest autonomous vehicles before they hit the market/showroom floor, grab a seat on a zero-emission electric bus, try out an electric bike, motorcycle or boat… Movin’On will transport you into a wild world of dreams!

From your hotel to the Movin’On village, aboard the bus of tomorrow.

After sipping your morning coffee, why not enjoy a leisurely zero-emission commute to the conference? aboard an all-electric shuttle service? The 40-seat Catalyst by Proterra, Participants can also examine the all-electric Easymile EZ10 onsite in a stationary demo version. This self-driving shuttle can transport up to 12 passengers at a speed of 25 km/h.

Source: Easymile EZ10
Source: Catalyst Proterra


Quebec invites you to climb aboard our home-grown mobility success stories.

It’s not by coincidence that Movin’On chose Montreal to host the world’s largest summit on sustainable mobility. The province’s plan for the electrification of transportation is defined by concrete, measurable actions and a far-seeing philosophy on the part of the government of Quebec. A strong political commitment, our long history of a dynamic mobility ecosystem, the spirit of innovation that is part of our cultural DNA, and the notable presence of bold and visionary entrepreneurial class are all important assets not only for transportation electrification, but for the impending emergence of the mobility of tomorrow.

Quebec will feature several major players hitting the stage at Movin’On’s Ride & Drive. Effenco will present its first-ever hybrid garbage collection truck, heralding an industry revolution which will slash fleet fuel costs and minimize greenhouse gas emissions. Montreal’s technical school École de technologie supérieure (ETS) “Engineering for Industry”, will be on site as well. What audacious inventions might the next generation of engineers have up their sleeves?

Source: Ecotuned
Source: Effenco


Ride & Drive will also feature Ecotuned brand-new replacement electric motor, enabling the conversion of a conventional pick-up to a zero-emission vehicle, and for commercial vehicles, the electric drivetrains designed by Source: Nordresa.

If you were planning to take advantage of Quebec’s famously warm June weather, why not take a ride on an electric scooter by GeeBee or enjoy a cruise on the Lachine canal in an electric boat by Source: LTS Marine.

Source: GeeBee
Source: LTS Marine

Stay tuned for the next array of participating vehicles to be unveiled shortly!