Practice what you preach: Our Eco-Friendly Approach 


Écoresponsabilité et développement durable, Movin'On

First order of business: Movin’On 2017 has earned a BNQ Level 3 certification

In 2017, Movin’On embraced a major challenge: to create an event on sustainable mobility that would be 100% carbon-neutral. Less than a year later, on the eve of launching a second edition, we are proud to count this initial goal as achieved, and are ready to take on a new one.

Last year, we earned a Level 3 BNQ 9700-253/2010 certification, which means, in the sustainability jargon, that we have organized one of the biggest eco-responsible business conferences in the world. To reach our 2018 goal, we aim to hit four new targets:

  • Cap total waste per participant, per day at 3 kilograms*;
  • Maintain a material reclamation rate of 70% or higher during the event**;
  • Stay carbon-neutral
  • Obtain a level 3 BNQ 9700-253/2010 certification with a score higher than in 2017.

Events are great for getting people together and inspiring them to join forces in making a difference. Unfortunately, they tend not to be the most environmentally responsible of activities. Here are some concrete actions that will enable us, with your help, to achieve these ambitious yet critical goals.

Un participant utilisant une bouteille réutilisable

Eco-friendly waste management

Hosting 4,000 participants AND limiting waste production is not an easy task.

This year again, all dishes used on-site will either be compostable, ceramic or glass. Moreover, sorting stations will be set-up outside of the site to ensure that the garbage ends up in the right bin – compost, recycling or trash. The vast majority of the construction material will be recycled or reused as much as possible to avoid cluttering landfills. Behind the scenes, surplus food will be donated to La Tablée des Chefs, a Montréal organization that feeds people in need and teaches culinary skills to youth.

No single-use plastic bottle is sold at Movin’On; but there are water stations. We encourage our guests to bring or buy their own reusable bottles and fill them, courtesy of tabl’eau, our filtered water supplier.

Creating a 100% carbon-neutral event

Considering our 4,000 participants and speakers convening to Montréal from more than 31 countries, compensating for 100% of greenhouse gas emissions represented a substantial investment. We offset our CO₂ emissions by acquiring carbon credits. Want to up the ante? If you have to fly to Movin’On 2018, consider offsetting your GHG emissions by buying carbon credits. Several airlines now have this option.

To get to and from Arsenal, numerous low-carbon options will be offered to participants. An access card will be offered by our transportation partners, allowing participants unlimited use of the STM metro and bus system, to car-share thanks to Communauto or to benefit from a special offer on BIXI bikes – and yes, for the entire duration of the event. Movin’On will also offer a hybrid shuttle service and other car-sharing partners will complete this extensive list.

Our food suppliers will continue to serve delicious and healthy eats and to prioritize local products in their menus whenever possible, offering an array of vegetarian and organic options, too. It should also be noted that the entire site is supplied with hydro-electricity; no fossil fuel generator is used.

Un événement 100% carboneutre

A Level 3 BNQ certification, with a higher score

In addition to positioning ourselves once again among the most sustainable large events in the world, we want to build on last year’s learnings and improve our overall score. How? This is where you can help us!

Tips to greening your Movin’On experience

  • Choose from the wide range of low- or zero-carbon emission transportation options listed above or employ your own two feet to get to the Arsenal
  • Bring your own reusable water bottle or buy a branded one on-site
  • Bring a reusable mug or use those provided for your use at the event—disposable coffee and tea containers are often waxed and come with non-recyclable lids. We will have all the hot beverages you may need at Arsenal.
  • If you intend to use our live translation service, bring your own high-quality headphones—not only will you reduce waste, you’ll enjoy a far better sound quality doing so.
  • Take a few seconds to sort your waste and place it in the appropriate containers.


* Total waste per participant per day is determined by weighing final waste (what is sent to landfills) generated from the outset of the event to the day the site is returned to its original state, dividing that by the number of participants (excluding staff, providers and speakers), and dividing the total by the length of the event (in days).

** Material reclamation rate refers to the proportion of residual waste diverted from landfill by recycling, composting, etc.