Attending Movin’On? Pro tips for optimizing your experience


Attending Movin’On? Pro tips for optimizing your experience

Taking part in the most important World summit on sustainable mobility can seem a bit overwhelming. What to do? What to see? What to expect? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this step-by-step guide that will help you make the most of your experience.

Other than the oh-so-helpful Concierges Extraordinaire – your go-to resources for information, who are dedicated to your complete and utter happiness – you can find all the information you need on klik, the digital event platform linked to your smart badge.

As a Movin’On participant, you have received an invitation to join klik and start creating your own personalized schedule. If you have not already done so, log onto the platform today to start planning your two and a half days at Movin’On.

Here’s an overview of the key elements of the Movin’On experience, and what you need to know to take full advantage of each.



During Movin’On, you get a chance to hear some of the most passionate and exciting influencers in the world. It provides the perfect setup for an annual dose of thought-provoking inspiration which will undoubtedly lead to concrete solutions for a sustainable and connected mobility. Discover the complete roster of speakers here.

Why: To get a healthy dose of inspiration
Where: Two stages: the 360 Big Top Michelin and the more intimate Cabaret Thales
When: From approximately 9 am to 6 pm each day
Registration: On klik
Pro tips: On klik, build your personalized schedule based on sessions you are interested in. Don’t forget to register early!

Working sessions

Working sessions

It’s one thing to be inspired by a thought-provoking talk, but nothing beats putting concepts to the test yourself. That’s why working sessions make for such an important part of the Movin’On experience. There will be at least 5 sessions happening at any given time in various venus throughout the village. These sessions require early registration and it pays to do so well in advance as capacity is quite limited. Discover more about working sessions here.

Why: To learn new tools and stimulate deeper understanding of a specific topic by working with specialized experts and fellow participants.
Where: In the Pods or the Garage HSBC
When: Every day, starting at 8:30 am to approximately 5 pm. Please refer to klik for the precise schedules.
Registration: On klik; note that capacity is limited and that you will be invited to register to a maximum of two (2) working sessions for the duration of the event.
Pro tips: Browse the Movin’On complete schedule now to spot your top picks!

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A business conference is only as interesting as the people it convenes. Braindates are targeted learning meetings, organized on the basis of the offers and requests for knowledge expressed by participants. These meaningful 30-minute peer-learning meetups are uniquely personalized, due to the expertise of professional matchmakers who will be on-site to guide you towards your next braindate. If you haven’t been on a braindate yet, trust us, they’re addictive. Learn more about braindates here.

Why: To plan meaningful encounters with passionate, knowledgeable people
Where: A few minutes before the specified time of your Braindate, check in at the Braindate Lounge
When: Day and night, throughout the two days and a half
Registration: To book braindates, open Braindate on the main menu of klik and explore the topic market
Pro tip: Be proactive, send invitations and get out of your comfort zone. You’ll be blown away.



Whether you labour as an innovation-hungry creative, or pursue a career within the more structured constraints of a conventional industry, now and again everyone needs to get our of their comfort zone and let their imagination run free. At Movin’On, both participants and experts are encouraged to throw off the shackles of the daily grind and take part in our unique sessions known as “labs”. C2 conceives these atypical environments designed to throw participants off-guard and create ideal conditions for new thought patterns to emerge. Learn more about Labs here.

Why: To brainstorm outside of your comfort zone
Where: Everywhere in the Movin’On village
When: From approximately 9 am to 6 pm each day, and until 11:30 on the last day
Registration: On klik
Pro tip: Just do it. Seriously, don’t hesitate, over-analyze, or question yourself. Go for it.


Événement Ride & Drive presented by gouvernement du Québec

Everything you’ve always imagined, but never thought would be within your reach… becomes a reality at Movin’On. The Événement Ride & Drive offers event participants the opportunity to discover and test prototypes of the latest vehicles, prototypes and technologies. On Open Circuit, cutting-edge vehicles go into test mode as participants take them for a drive, non-homologated vehicles and prototypes are presented on Closed Circuit, and environmentally minded people can try out a variety of ecofriendly mobility options in the Low-impact Événement Ride & Drive. Discover more about the Événement Ride & Drive here.

Why: To try today the mobility of tomorrow
Where: On public roads around the Movin’On site, on the iconic Quai Jacques-Cartier, on the Lachine canal and within the walls of the Movin’On village
When: At the Arsenal, May 30 from 8 am to 9 pm – May 31, from 7.30 am to 9 pm – June 1 from 7.30 am to 2 pm. On the Quai Jacques-Cartier, from 4 pm to 9 pm, and on the last day from 10 am to 1 pm.
Registration: On klik for Open Circuit test drives, and in person for the Low-impact Événement Ride & Drive (maximum of one (1) test drive per day)
Pro tip: Don’t forget to bring a valid driver’s licence. Otherwise, buckle up and… smile!


Eating and drinking

Pastries, espresso, salads, tapas, ceviches and tartares, tacos, vegan bowls, oysters, grilled everything, impromptu snacks and cocktails under the stars… There will be no shortage of delicious eats and drinks at Movin’On. Montrealers typically know how to have a good time, and there will be no shortage of that, either.

Why: Because it’s delicious – and you gotta eat
Where: More than a dozen bars, restaurants, food counters and food trucks, open all day across the village
When: Anytime
Reservations: None necessary
Pro tip: The site is cashless again this year, so bring your credit card, or better yet, securely link you credit card account to your klik profile to pay with your smart badge!/p>


Minimizing your footprint: practice what you preach

We’re working hard on making Movin’On an event true to its theme : sustainable and green. Adhering to the strictest environmental standards and benefiting from the expertise of the Quebec Council of Eco-Responsible Events, we are committed to taking a series of concrete actions that will enable us to obtain, this year again, a Level 3 BNQ 9700-253/2010 certification. Learn about our eco-friendly approach here.

  • All dishes used on the site are either compostable, ceramic or glass. Take the time to sort your waste into the appropriate bins
  • Bring your own water bottle. No single-use plastic bottles will be sold onsite
  • If you intend on using our live translation service, bring your own (higher quality) headphones instead of picking up complimentary earbuds on site
  • To get to and from Arsenal, numerous low-carbon options will be offered to participants. An access card will be offered by our transportation partners, allowing participants unlimited use of  the STM metro and bus system, to car-share thanks to Communauto or to benefit from a special offer on BIXI bikes – and yes, for the entire duration of the event. Movin’On will also offer a hybrid shuttle service and other car-sharing partners will complete this extensive list.


And, of course, falling in love with Montréal

If you are from out of town, we hope you’ll take the opportunity to stick around for the weekend to catch a show or two at the FTA and grab a bagel on St-Viateur (or Fairmount, the ultimate-bagel war rages on, sixty years and counting). Take a walk in the Mile End or grab a coffee on the Plateau Mont-Royal; there are unlimited options.

Questions? Ask your Concierge, or contact us at