Programming sneak peek: What to expect in Multimodal urban transit and society?


The number of people living in urban areas is well on its way to hit six billion by 2045, and our driver-centric infrastructures will need a complete overhaul.

In moving from a “mobility as a privilege” mindset to mobility as a service, providers and stakeholders will need to partner up, technology will need to create new value, urbanism will need to evolve, and systems will have to operate according to one principle: it’s all about the user.

In this second sneak peek at the programming for Movin’On Summit 2019, discover some of the burning questions that speakers, panelists and working session experts will address under the Multimodal urban transit and society theme.


How can we design smart cities with collaborative mobility models in mind?

And how can representatives from cities, countries, companies and civil society form strategic alliances to ensure safe, efficient and inclusive mobility for citizens in each geographic zone?

In working sessions such as the one hosted by Accenture on frugal mobility or by UQAM on the connections between real estate and mobility, as well as by Los Angeles Metro on transit electrification, participants and experts will collaborate to find new partnership models, unexpected financing angles and creative ways to make mobility people-friendly.


What main challenges and opportunities are cities facing in terms of mobility?

Shared, inclusive, autonomous, integrated: today and tomorrow’s urban mobility face many challenges in order to put the user first. Here are some of the speakers who will take the stage to address these key issues:


Christopher Schafer

Lime’s Christopher Schafer – the public policy strategist – will be sharing his experience with regards to shared mobility.



Hervé Bernard

Hervé Bernard knows that, for people living with a disability, mobility is a key aspect of inclusion. It is at the very core of his work for Handicap International.


Mark de la Vergne

By adding more ways for City of Detroit dwellers to get around, walking and cycling enthusiast Mark de la Vergne is changing mobility in the Motor City.


Also under this theme, we are pleased to welcome Transport for London’s Michael Hurwitz, and Center for Automotive Research’s Carla Bailo to the Movin’On Summit stage. Check out our ever growing roster of speakers to learn more about the leaders who will take the stage in Montreal this spring.

Over the next few weeks, we will be announcing sneak peeks of burning questions, working sessions, speakers and panelists. Stay tuned for more announcements and join the conversation on our social accounts.