Recap: Day 2 of Movin’On 2018


Recap: Day 2 of Movin’On 2018

The second day of Movin’on 2018 is already over! Here is an overview of what happened during this busy Thursday.


The day in photos

Another sunny and inspiring day for Movin’On. Take a look back at the pictures of the day.


Quote of the day

Steve Oldham


Big news of the day

Total and Michelin are joining forces to launch an ambitious worldwide road safety education program targeting 10-18 year-olds. The Total Foundation and the Michelin Corporate Foundation will contribute 1.5 million euros jointly to this initiative, developed with the support of Global Road Safety Partnership.

Photo: Agnieszka

Symbio introduced a new hydrogen module that can optimize the performances of electric vehicles in terms of range and recharging time to improve their overall profitability.

The Transport Decarbonization Alliance announced the steps they will take to keep transport emissions on track with the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change.


Tweet of the day

What did the participants remember from their second day at Movin’On? Follow us @movinonconf and use #movinonconf18.


Spark of the day

Photo: Jimmy Hamelin

Today, 15 startup finalists demonstrated how they intend to help shape tomorrow’s mobility. At the end of the presentation, the public voted for their two favourites: Nino Robotics, whose purpose is to revolutionize the mobility of the elderly or people with a handicap, and SeaBubbles, which develop fully-electric boats using new foiler-technology in order to solve the problem of congestion within cities.


Call to action of the day

Photo: Arianne Bergeron

What happens when two entirely different cities join forces? The Lyon-Cochi partnership, presented by CODATU during a Working session, shows that both can benefit from it. Cities share expertise and transformation agility, and come up win-win practices in mobility and public health. Engage your city in such a partnership by joining the movement at


Picture of the day


Are you listening? The engine of the T-Rex – this electric car made in Quebec by Campagna Motors – is completely silent. Only the discreet sounds of its gears can be heard.


Stay tuned for our last daily recap tomorrow!