Taking networking to new heights


Taking networking to new heights

For 2020, expect your Movin’On Summit networking experience to be upgraded.

Digitalized as to leverage our high-level ecosystem of experts, visionaries, and engaged mobility professionals, the ways to connect with and learn from other participants are as varied as they are exciting.

By deploying technologically enhanced networking tools, the Movin’On Summit provides its participants with meaningful and lasting connection opportunities.

Discover some of the many ways Movin’On creates exceptional conditions for connection and action.


Leave the business cards at home with klik

The purpose of klik is to help you connect with what matters: the here and now.

Our smart badge promotes face-to-face interaction with state-of-the-art technology that helps keep people off their phones. As an event participant, you can network, share, save favorites, receive helpful notifications and more — without missing a beat.

Long gone are the days of exchanging business cards. With our wearable technology, participants simply bring their badges together and klik — badges will flash simultaneously to indicate a successful contact exchange, making them readily available within the klik app. Contacts may also be exported for future use.


Organically book business meetings: introducing Movin’On Meet’Ups

Proposing a business meeting has never been easier! 

The Movin’On Meet’Ups by C2Connect feature is readily accessible from the klik menu. It displays a curated list of attendees based on similar interests and allows you to chat and connect with them to request a meeting.

Identify interests

When completing their profile, participants can answer questions about their interests and the sessions they want to register to.

Browse your personalized recommendations

Our app identifies people with the same interests and/or common working sessions, and recommends them on the klik event app.

Request a meetup with a like-minded participant

Any attendee can reach out to another by sending a message. If it’s accepted, both participants will have chat and calendar access to organize a Meet’Up.

Attend a Movin’On Meet’Up

Attendees will know where to meet based on the meeting location confirmed in the app by both participants.


Casually enjoy meaningful discussions at the Action Café

Want to make the most of free time between two learning activities? Why not swing by the Action Café, a relaxing and learning-oriented space where you can sit down, unwind and discuss a mobility-related topic at your leisure.

Conversations are organized in consecutive rounds of discussions, and each round features topics generated by participants themselves. As participants browse the different “topics du jour,” they are guided by a Maître d’hôtel to their table for a dialogue-to-action conversation. Coffee service will allow for a cozy experience, ideal for authentic connection. Each conversation will lead to the formulation of actions that will be shared within the Action Café space.


Let your inspiration reach new heights

Attend the most picturesque business meeting ever.

Exciting news to come! For the first time at the Movin’On Summit in 2020, we are presenting a truly unexpected breath of fresh air. This new one-of-a-kind meeting space will allow you to make new connections while enjoying breathtaking scenic views of downtown Montreal… and beyond.