The Best of Movin’On 2017


Everyone remembers their first time. And this initial collaboration between Michelin and C2 is no exception.

After dazzling over 4,000 participants with a program as rich as the multilayered confection which emerged from the Cake Lab, it’s time to take stock of this first, intensely memorable edition.

Thank you to everyone who joined with us this year. Will we see you in 2018?


Some fun facts about this first edition:

  • 4000 participants
  • representatives from more than 31 countries
  • 108 partners (including 3 universities, 4 governments, and 6 research institutes) from 11 different countries
  • 79 speakers
  • 40 startups
  • 21 cutting-edge vehicles in the Ride & Drive
  • 18 charging stations
  • 49 workshops and masterclasses
  • 5 experimental brainstorming experiences designed by the C2 Team
  • 585 braindates
  • 5223 hours of collaboration between participants
  • 18 hours of interview in the Aquarium
  • 220 000 square feet
  • 25 tons of structural material suspended from the roof
  • 210 flatscreens
  • More than 640 hours of technical drawing by the production team
  • 250 members of the media
  • 3000 plants
  • 34 artists
  • 6 rolling FaceTime robots from Michelin Mexico
  • 7 ID cards forgotten at the Ride & Drive*

*All joking aside, please contact us at to get your ID back.


The Minutes

In the coming weeks, our team of 60 creative writers and editors will compile all the content gathered during Movin’On to prepare The Minutes, a compendium of words and images summarizing all that was said and done during these two and a half days of activity.

But there’s no need to wait until then to let your ideas percolate and burst forth. Until 1 October, the grand discussion on sustainable mobility continues on the web platform “Movin’On Continues“, coordinated by the Open Lab. Learn more here.


Let’s be social

Who doesn’t enjoy discovering that their amazed expressions were surreptitiously captured by professional photographers? It’s even better when the shots are absolutely dazzling and captured in a rich environment worthy of the most extravagant Instagram accounts.

With that in mind we humbly suggest you carefully peruse the photo albums of Movin’On’s two and a half days.

Also not to be missed:

  • Some of the best Aquarium Interviews
  • Did you participate in a vox pop? Stay tuned to our YouTube channel to relive your moment of glory!
  • And if all this was not enough, relive the emotions, the wonder and the inspiration of Movin’On while watching this:

New articles, photos and videos are constantly appearing on our platforms. Please keep sharing your adventure by using the #MovinOnConf hashtag. See you soon!