The Challenge for Car Makers: Courting the Next Generation of Customers

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Whether it evokes childhood memories of family outings, enables a once-in-a-lifetime road trip, or symbolizes a powerful feeling of freedom, the personal automobile has long enjoyed a special place in our hearts. But today’s “Millenials” have car makers worried. Might this generation of young adults forgo that ultimate rite of passage into adulthood- buying a car?

If so, it behooves automobile manufacturers to respond, and swiftly. Recent studies have shown that fewer and fewer young people are choosing to get a driver’s licence. It seems that generation “Y” would rather grab an Uber via smartphone, employ a car-sharing service, check the bus schedule or even jump on their bikes, rather than own a car. Granted, it’s good news for the planet, but a conundrum for car makers nonetheless.

How should car manufacturers react to this demographic tsunami?
What new partnerships can be developed between startups and car companies?
How can we redefine the automobile as a service rather than a product?

Grégoire Olivier, Director of Mobility Services at Groupe PSA, Guillaume Gérondeau, Senior Director, Transportation and Mobility Industry at Dassault Systems Asia, and Steven Kiefer, Senior Vice-President Global Purchasing and Supply Chain at General Motors

Appealing to the Millenial generation is THE challenge for today’s car makers. At Movin’On, the major players in the motor vehicle industry are coming together to enable the next generation of transportation experiences.

Grégoire Olivier, Director of Mobility Services at Groupe PSA

Far from denying the realities of today, French automotive titan PSA Group, maker of Peugeot, Citroën and DS, is embracing the digital transformation of the modern marketplace. PSA Group believes that a car company can and must do more than simply build high-quality automobiles. With that in mind, this past February saw the French firm launch Free2Move, a mobile app that links every car-sharing service in a given region. At Movin’On, Gregoire Olivier will share his vision of an exciting new direction linking quality car manufacturing with exceptional service to the driving public.

Guillaume GérondeauSenior Director Transportation & Mobility Asia at Dassault Systèmes

Dassault Systems is well aware of the challenges that car manufacturers are facing. The renowned software company has recently launched 3DExperience, a revolutionary platform destined for the enterprise software market. 3DExperience offers full-spectrum software solutions right out of the box, including marketing, sales support, engineering and simulation apps and much more, in order to maximize value creation at every level. The end result is an unparalleled and compelling consumer experience. In short, if your goal is to generate more value for your clients, and a corresponding increase in profits, Guillaume Gérondeau is the expert you are looking for.

Steve Kiefer, Senior Vice-President Global Purchasing and Supply Chain at General Motors

It’s no longer enough to simply get someone from point A to point B. In today’s increasingly competitive market, leading car maker General Motors has focused on connectivity to woo its younger clientele. Vehicles with built-in 4G LTE access, optimized data-sharing for a better car-sharing experience, and maintenance reminders via text message: you and your car have never been so well-connected.

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