Goods transportation and multimodality: the burning questions


In this era of e-commerce and same-day delivery, the optimization of goods transportation within and between cities in order to enhance sustainability while preserving citizens’ quality of life is a paramount concern. Whether the subject is e-commerce, last-mile delivery, green freight on sea and land, leveraging digital and artificial intelligence or impact-reduction methods related to goods delivery in cities in Asia, Europe and North America, people-focused ways of improving multimodal goods transportation take centre stage at Movin’On Summit 2019, on June 4–6.


How can we enhance e-commerce sustainability while preserving the consumer experience?

And what steps can cities, countries and civil society take to ensure that companies who are

early adopters of sustainable mobility enjoy a level playing field? In working sessions designed to bring stakeholders to action, here’s what our partners will be discussing:

  • Accenture will address the challenge of last-mile delivery
  • BNP Paribas and Arval join forces to define the next mobility models in fleet management
  • Total will discuss optimizing the energy mix and new technologies for multimodal goods transportation
  • Kamaz and Michelin will tackle the topic of heavy-duty class 8 truck electrification, including battery life and charging challenges
  • PTV will collaborate with participants on the logistics of offering goods transportation as a service


How is multimodality reshaping the supply chain?

And how do we optimize goods transportation and city access? Here are some of the speakers who will take the stage to address these key issues:


Jochen Thewes

DB Schenker’s Jochen Thewes will share his quest to make end-to-end logistics greener and more efficient than ever.



Jon Chorley, Chief Sustainability Officer and Group Vice-President of supply chain management strategy at Oracle, will talk about what he does to help drive and coordinate environmental sustainability initiatives.


New in previously-announced themes

Our roster of speakers keeps growing every week. Here are a few more we are proud to announce:



The architect on a mission Carl Bäckstrand is Deputy CEO at White, an architecture firm focused on a human-centred vision and sustainable lifestyle designs.



As Head of Institutional Relations and Summit for the International Transport Forum, Mary Crass is making sure countries have key mobility conversations.



A pioneer in climate action, Monica Araya is Founder and CEO of Costa Rica Limpia, a citizen-strategy group for renewables and electric mobility.


Next week, we will be announcing our last sneak peek of burning questions, working sessions, speakers and panelists. Don’t miss out on these concrete topics and make sure to join us in Montreal on June 4 to 6 for the 2019 Movin’On Summit and get your pass now.