A 100% carbon-neutral event, the Movin’On Summit welcomes 5,000 participants from all over the world.

Certified since 2017 as a level-3 eco-responsible event by the BNQ 9700-253/2010* standard, the entire team is working tirelessly to create an event with a reduced environmental footprint and a highly positive socio-economic impact. The very essence of the event is to reduce the carbon footprint — the central action that guides the organization’s actions.

*This standard provides a framework for a voluntary certification program aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of events, while increasing economic and social benefits in the community.


Specific objectives of 2019

The sustainable development approach of the Movin’On Summit is based on a logic of continuous improvement. Building on the achievements of recent years, we have set ourselves the following objectives:

  • Limit the total amount of final waste per participant per event day to 2 kg**
  • Achieve a diversion rate of at least 70% during the event ***
  • Offer menus WITHOUT red meat, and fight against food waste
  • Reduce the proportion of fossil fuel machinery required for site construction to less than 40%
  • Offset all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated by the event by granting carbon credits
  • Obtain level 3 certification under the BNQ 9700-253/2010 standard, with a score greater than or equal to that of 2018.
** The calculation is based on the weight of waste (material destined for the landfill) for the entire site production, from assembly to the end of dismantling, divided by the number of participants (thus excluding organization staff, suppliers and speakers), divided by the number of days the event takes place.
*** The diversion rate represents the total amount of residual material that has been diverted from landfills through recovery (recycling, composting, etc.).


How can you be a change agent as a participant in the 2019 Movin’On Summit?

The event is implementing measures to reduce its ecological footprint as much as possible, but it is you, the participants, who make this event a success! Here’s how you can do your part as a participant in the Movin’ On 2019 Summit:

  • At the event, be sure to bring your headphones, a reusable water bottle and coffee cup.
  • To get to the event, use one of our low-carbon transportation options (details in the Toolbox of your participant portal), or:

– Take the Movin’On Summit shuttle bus that leaves from the city centre (Berri-UQÀM or Square-Victoria-OACI);

– Take public transit (Charlevoix metro station, combined with a STM bus, or a 25-minute walk);

– Use a car-sharing service with Communauto, or carpool;

– Ride a bike ride with Fitz & Follwell or with your own bike. Bicycle racks will be at your disposal. Don’t forget your padlock!

  • At lunchtime, choose one of our delicious vegetarian options. If there is a good time to reduce the carbon footprint of your meals, it’s at the Movin’On Summit!
  • During your cigarette break, place your cigarette butts in the ashtrays provided in the smoking area. Thanks to Mégot Zéro, cigarette butts are recycled!
  • Before you leave, give us your badge! We recover them to ensure their reuse or optimal recycling.



  • ZERO straws
  • 1975 recycled and composted cigarette butts
  • 90% local suppliers
  • 66% local ingredients
  • 18 electric cars used to transport speakers
  • 695 food portions distributed via La Tablée des chefs
  • 39 start-ups in sustainable mobility were able to benefit from unparalleled business opportunities and visibility
  • 3,995 tonnes of CO2 equivalent offset, qualifying the 2018 Movin’On event as entirely carbon-neutral

To read about all the actions implemented in previous editions, consult the 2017 and 2018 event eco-responsibility reports, available here.