Global Youth Challenge

Movin'On presents the Global Youth Challenge

As the world changes and the sustainable mobility ecosystem gathers to find solutions to tomorrow’s challenges, it’s imperative that the world’s youth are actively engaged in the thought process and taking a leadership role in the fight against climate change.

In this regard, Movin’On is committed to ensuring that we include young people in the conversation and the journey towards tackling some of the world’s biggest mobility issues as defined by the 2021 Summit’s five combats.

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In the same spirit of the study led by Movin’On, and conducted by Kantar, on youth and sustainable mobility, we want to involve young people in a global challenge.

Taking place over 24 hours during the Movin’On Summit, youth from North America, Europe and Asia will collaborate in order to propose solutions to burning questions facing the mobility ecosystem that will lead to concrete actions following the event.

At the end of the Challenge, one person from each of the three regions will be invited to present their experience and ideas during a 15-minute programming session on the final day of the summit.

The timeline

Your Benefits

All selected participants will be awarded a complete pass to access the four days of the Movin'On Summit (value $200).

They will have the opportunity to watch inspiring speakers, virtually network with mobility experts, collaborate in exciting working sessions, and build valuable connections.

Their ideas will help generate actionable solutions to the critical mobility issues directly affecting them and future generations.