Movin’On Challenge Design

Presenting the Movin'On Challenge Design

Created by Movin'On in 2001 to encourage and recognize creative design around the world, Movin’On Challenge Design is a prestigious global competition reflecting the importance of innovative design in the future of mobility.

The entrants come from all over the world and include individuals, schools, and teams of transportation and mobility designers, including OEMs and suppliers, studios, students, teachers, artists, architects, engineers, and futurists.

The 2021 Theme: “RESPECT: Ending Isolation and Conquering the Mobility Divide”.


Age and disability can limit access to safe and affordable mobility for one of every four people in the world today, reducing joy and the ability to fully participate in, benefit from, and contribute to society.

The 2021 Movin’On challenge to entrants is to design a future with truly inclusive access to mobility, a future that breaks down barriers and increases the personal well-being and respect for all people.


The Movin'On Challenge Design 2021 Jury is IN!

The Movin’On Challenge Design jury recently conducted a two-day long virtual meeting to review entries for the 2021 Movin’On Challenge Design; Respect. The jurors have selected the first, second and third place winners and have chosen to recognize additional entries with Judges Awards.

The three winners will be announced in a Headline News Capsule on June 3 during the Summit. Please join us for this announcement which will include interviews with each of the winners.