Greening your supply chain – Embedding sustainability at all levels

June 2 2021 // MONTREAL: 3:23 AM to 4:00 AM // PARIS: 9:23 AM to 10:00 AM // SINGAPORE: 3:23 PM to 4:00 PM

Rethinking supply chains through a sustainability lens opens up massive opportunities for improving the environment, but also presents serious business challenges. Responsibility for reducing emissions is no longer the siloed responsibility of individual companies. Like a supply chain, it ties multiple stakeholders together, and requires collaboration, transparency, and often deep structural changes. This panel will discuss the ways business leaders and logistic experts can make their supply chains leaner and greener while ensuring that all suppliers, collaborators, financing institutions and governments are on the same environmentally friendly page - no matter at what level of the chain they work.

**Conference in English**

Panel with Oscar de Bok (DHL Supply Chain & DPDHL Group) and Thomas Becker (BMW Group), Eddy Njoroge (ISO), moderated by Sophie Punte (Smart Freight Centre & We Mean Business coalition).

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