Leveraging digitalization for mobility’s next era

June 2 2021 // MONTREAL: 9:20 AM to 10:00 AM // PARIS: 3:20 PM to 4:00 PM // SINGAPORE: 9:20 PM to 10:00 PM

This next era of mobility will be defined by finding new ways of creating urban transport solutions that adapt to society’s changing needs and expectations, notably in terms of service and experience. Teleworking, shared mobility, post-Covid health and safety concerns, along with sustainable transportation options are rapidly evolving.
This panel will discuss what we need to know when it comes to leveraging digitalization to accelerate the necessary revamping of mobility modes and patterns. How can different stakeholders work together to overcome challenges and explore new avenues? Which opportunities are offered by AI and the rollout of 5G? What are the cybersecurity risks and ethical concerns related to the question? How can new systems be integrated with existing infrastructure for a seamless multimodal offering?

**Conference in English**

Panel with Shailen Bhatt (Intelligent Transportation Society of America), François William Croteau (Rosemont - La Petite-Patrie) and Benoît Couture (Thales), moderated by Marie-Pier Elie (Scientific Journalist).

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