Powering towards net zero – Building a resilient zero-carbon future economy

June 1 2021 // MONTREAL: 12:20 PM TO 1:00 PM // PARIS: 6:20 PM TO 7:00 PM // SINGAPORE: 12:20 AM TO 1:00 AM

To tackle the climate emergency we face, the need for a net-zero emission, sustainable, and resilient economy is clear. To be poised and ready for this shift, the private sector will play a vital role. This panel will reveal what’s required in order to achieve, and maintain net zero. How do you choose, build and implement a green agenda, and which factors determine and reinforce a resilient green economy?
These experts will deep dive into the latest tools at our disposal, including green funds and various types of recovery incentives, to help heat up the movement to cool down the planet.

**Conference in English**

Panel with Dirk Forrister (IETA), Megan Leslie (WWF-Canada), Nourdine Bihmane (Atos), Pablo Fajnzylber (The World Bank), moderated by Mary Crass (OECD).

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