Redefining the public transport user experience

June 3 2021 // MONTREAL: 7:20 AM to 8:00 AM // PARIS: 1:20 PM to 2:00 PM // SINGAPORE: 7:20 PM to 8:00 PM

As we reinvent urban transport models we need to rethink mobility in all its diversity. Cities must consider new ways of providing an integrated global mobility offering to which public transport is seamlessly connected.
While placing the user experience at its center, can the experience of MaaS and multimodality contribute to this evolution? This panel will discuss short term solutions to reinvent the mass public transport experience and make it more attractive while still being cost-effective.

**Conference in English**

Panel with Laurence Batlle (RATP DEV and RATP Group), Sylvain Haon (UITP), and Sami Sahala (City of Helsinki), Wee shann Lam (LTA), moderated by Pierre-Olivier Desmurs (Accenture).

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