Shifting behaviours – Transportation scenarios for a post-pandemic world

June 2 2021 // MONTREAL: 11:20 AM to 12:00 PM // PARIS: 5:20 PM to 6:00 PM // SINGAPORE: 11:20 PM to 12:00 AM

The global pandemic has severely impacted how and why we commute in a number of ways. From the rise in remote working to an increase in peri urban migration, this panel will explore important changes in citizens' behaviors, the factors driving them, and what this means for the cities of tomorrow.
How do they affect the new transportation patterns and the balance between the different mobility modes? How can we mitigate the risks associated with these new patterns? How can we integrate these sometimes conflicting behaviours and execute on making urban mobility plans as inclusive and responsible as possible?

**Conference in English**

Panel with Carla Bailo (The Center for Automotive Research), Sirma Boshnakova (Allianz Partners), Dale Bracewell (City of Vancouver) and Nancy Vandycke (SuM4All), moderated by Céline Bak (Analytica Advisors).

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