Benoît Couture

Vice President Integrated Communication and Supervision Systems, Ground Transportation Systems, Thales

After having graduated from the École Polytechnique and Engineering School of Télécom Paris, Benoît Couture spent 10 years at France Télécom in various positions, first at a regional level and then at a national level. In 1997, he joined the private sector industry, becoming Marketing Director at Dassault, and later Managing Director of the Telecommunication Business Unit. In 2003, he moved to Thales in Air Traffic Management Systems activities as Customer Support Bids and Marketing Director. Then, for 10 years, he managed different Thales activities in the field of military aviation in Paris and Bordeaux, with customers such as Dassault, Airbus, SAAB, Lockheed Martin, MBDA, Sukhoi and the Ministry of Defense. In 2017, he joined Thales Ground Transportation Systems activities as Vice President, leading the worldwide Integrated Communications and Supervision Business Line, as well as the Ground Transportation Systems activities in France.