Eiichi Taniguchi

Professor Emeritus of Transport and Logistics, Kyoto University

Eiichi Taniguchi is Professor Emeritus of Transport and Logistics at Kyoto University, Japan. His research centres on city logistics and urban freight transport modelling focusing on stochastic and dynamic vehicle routing and scheduling with time windows and multi-agent simulation considering the behaviour of stakeholders who are involved in urban freight transport. He performed research on city logistics using the emerging technologies of ITS (intelligent transport systems), AI (artificial intelligence) and big data as well as collaboration among stakeholders for establishing efficient and environmentally friendly urban freight transport systems. 

Recently, his research covered health and security issues including humanitarian logistics after catastrophic disasters and home healthcare problems in an aging society. He is President of the Institute for City Logistics based in Tokyo, which organized 11 international conferences on city logistics every two years for 20 years. He is a member of the Engineering Academy of Japan, a board member academic of ITS Japan, and sits on the Technical Committee of freight transport in the World Road Association. He has published more than 200 academic papers and 11 books on transport and logistics. He was a 2020 FFJ/Michelin Fellow at EHESS in Paris, France.