Patrick Koller

Chief Executive Officer, Faurecia

Patrick Koller began his automotive career at VDO (now part of Continental) in 1990. Within Hella and Valeo, Patrick held growing general management positions in France, Germany and in the U.K. In early 2000, he joined Rhodia (now Solvay) as President of Polyamide Intermediates. Three years later, he was promoted to Group Operations Executive Vice President.

In December 2006, Patrick joined Faurecia and was appointed Executive Vice President, Faurecia Automotive Seating. In February 2015, he became Chief Operating Officer of Faurecia. In July 2016, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Faurecia.

Patrick is a member of the boards of Faurecia, Legrand and the Collège de France. He holds a degree in engineering from Polytech Nancy (École Supérieure des Sciences et Technologies de l’Ingénieur de Nancy).