Tracy Raczek

Principal, TR Climate

For over 20 years, Tracy Raczek has worked on shaping science-based climate change and sustainability policy and partnerships.

She served for over 10 years in the United Nations, including as an advisor to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in the lead up to the Paris Accords. She delivered a breadth of multi-stakeholder climate commitments in close collaboration with leaders across industries, governments and civil society, while coordinating the climate action agenda. She also served on the SG’s Secretariat for the High-Level Panel on Global Sustainability contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Additionally, Tracy served two Presidents of the UN General Assembly advising on the issues of climate, the ocean and migration; contributed to years of UN GHG inventories; and spearheaded numerous greening initiatives including installation of the first EV charging stations at UNHQ in New York.

Tracy’s expertise in the social dimensions of climate change and sustainability helped shape early gender and climate change policy and programmes within UN Women. Trained in mediation and working in close collaboration with advocates and experts from around the world, she has advanced these issues via UN resolutions and agreements, best practices sharing and considerable publications. She brings extensive experience from the environmental field — forestry and environmental conservation — as well as education and social justice advocacy.

Tracy currently advises industry coalitions, multiple Fortune Global 500 companies, and foundations on defining and delivering their climate change and sustainability goals in her role as Principal of TR Climate.